Every kind of organism is a fragile and yet very powerful living entity. Each individual part works together, as a system, towards one main purpose: the preservation of life. This notion is regarded universal, as it encompasses the whole spectrum of all living creatures.

Exploring and therefore gaining a deeper understanding of this essence of life builds the foundation of Laura Jelic’s work. Through the medium of photography, she examines traces of this unifying presence within the very substance of all forms of beings.
By revealing the underlying organic equivalences within us human beings and the realm of flora Jelic’s photographs act as a visualization of this fact. Her work forces the viewer to take a closer look as she creates an intimate relation to the matter depicted. Distances become dissolved and all borders between the subject and object fade away. Intrinsic similarities appear distinctly and hidden aspects move into clear visibility.

Through her artistic approach, Laura Jelic creates access to a new world beyond the sheer surface of the seen. Her photographs are an invitation to question our very own perception, ourselves and how we define our roles within the all-encompassing circle of life.